Congrats for finally making it!

After years of hard work and countless nights staying up
to finish papers & study (or cram!) for exams, graduation day is more than
just a ceremony. It’s a celebration of triumph over all the effort you’ve put
in these past few years.

Blending in the sea of togas, your shoes will do the talking for your grad day outfit.

With Zanea Shoes, you can opt to go
for sleek and classic with our black or white pumps. You can even go for glitz
and glamour with our high-fashion heels and add some sparkle to your look. You
deserve to shine on this day, after all!


Comfort & Quality

Another great thing about Zanea Shoes is that just like the graduates, our shoemakers put in a lot of hard work into crafting each pair. We pride ourselves in our long and intensive
production process, which starts with weeks of testing and revising (sound
the shoes to make sure it’s as comfortable as it can be, because you
shouldn’t be worrying about your feet and possible blisters on your graduation.

One for you & one for... you again!

And between the baccalaureate mass, graduation ceremony, and celebratory dinners, Zanea has
got you covered with our buy 1 get another pair for 50% off promo just for the grad
season! Mix it up and get yourself a new pair for each event, or get one for
you and your friend or family member so you can all look stunning on your big

GRWM: Grad Edition!

Can't decide on a pair of heels for your big day? That's what our buy 1 get another for 50% off promo is for!